1. Why might older cars benefit from a "high mileage" motor oil?

  • A. Older cars need older oils.
  • B. As your engine ages, seals and gaskets can become worn and leaky.
  • C. High mileage motor oils don't need to be changed as often.
  • D. High mileage motor oils perform better at high altitudes.

Correct answer:

B. Havoline® High Mileage with Deposit Shield™ defends against wear and helps minimize oil leaks by maintaining older engine seals.

2. What does motor oil do anyway?

  • A. Protects your engine from grinding grit into itself
  • B. Helps prevent oxidization
  • C. Keeps the engine clear of soot
  • D. All of the above

Correct answer:

D. Havoline® engine oils protect your engine, reduce friction, and maximize your fuel economy.

3. What is viscosity?

  • A. A measure of motor oil purity
  • B. A measure of motor oil temperature
  • C. A measure of how easily a fluid flows
  • D. The place where the ancient Visigoths lived

Correct answer:

C. The thicker an oil, the higher its viscosity. It's important to choose the right viscosity oil for your engine — too thick and it adds friction; too thin and it doesn’t protect the critical parts. Havoline offers the right viscosity oils for your needs.

4. What is Deposit Shield®?

  • A. The carboxylate inhibitor in Havoline Extended Life Coolant
  • B.Deposit Shield is Havoline’s unique formula that protects your car’s engine.
  • C. Havoline's advanced line of gear lubricants
  • D. Overdraft protection for your bank account

Correct answer:

B. Deposit Shield is an advanced technology found only in Havoline motor oils that shields your engine from harmful deposits.

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