Protecting the investment in your car requires more than just using quality products like Havoline motor oils, but you also have to stay on top of regular maintenance. So if you want to help protect engine performance and the investment in your vehicle, as well as maximizing fuel economy to help protect the environment, then follow these handy tips courtesy of Havoline.

Basic Tips

Beyond using Havoline® with Deposit Shield for regular changes and top-ups, there's a lot you can do to maximize the life of your car:

  • 1. Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure. Under inflation causes tire wear and wastes fuel.
  • 2. Don't carry unneeded weight in your vehicle. Excess weight puts a heavier load on the engine, causing greater fuel consumption.
  • 3. Accelerate slowly and smoothly. Avoid jackrabbit starts. Get into a higher gear as quickly as possible.
  • 4. Avoid long engine idling. If you have to wait for a long period of time, it is better to turn off the engine and start again later.
  • 5. Avoid engine lag or over-revving. Use a gear position suitable for the type of road you’re traveling.
  • 6. Avoid stop-and-go driving. Stop-and-go driving wastes fuel.
  • 7. Don't rest your foot on the clutch or brake pedal. This causes needless wear, overheating and poor fuel economy.
  • 8. Keep all wheels in proper alignment. Improper alignment not only causes faster tire wear but also puts an extra load on the engine.
  • 9. Keep your vehicle tuned up and in top shape.
  • 10. Getting better mileage is actually simple. Just take it easy while driving. It will also make your vehicle last longer.
  • 11. Take to the shade rather than keep the air conditioner running.
  • 12. It's a good idea to do a safety check before starting out on a trip. A visit to your mechanic can help ensure safe and pleasant driving.