Find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use a synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic motor oils perform better in extremely cold climates. At the same time, synthetic motor oils are usually more expensive. Consider all these factors, and above all, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Q: How do I know which Havoline® motor oil is the right one for my car?

Start by consulting your vehicle's owner's manual.

Q: How do I know if my mechanic is using Havoline?

Ask for Chevron Havoline by name. If your mechanic doesn't have it, you can find the nearest Havoline xpress lube to service your vehicle or you can purchase Havoline products at one of our Retailers and bring your own supply of Havoline products for your mechanic to service your vehicle.

Q: Where can I recycle my used oil and filter?

Please visit to find your nearest drop off center and any additional information you require.

Q: Where can I find Material Safety Data Sheets for Havoline-branded products?

View our Material Safety Data Sheet database.