Improving vehicle safety, increasing the life of your car, getting better fuel economy, and protecting the environment all go hand-in-hand.

Winter Tips

Beyond using Havoline® with Deposit Shield for regular changes and top-ups, there's a lot you can do to maximize the life of your car:

  • 1. Have cooling system checked for condition and level of protection.
  • 2. Have tires checked for proper inflation and adequate tread depth.
  • 3. Check condition and operation of wiper blades and fill the washer reservoir.
  • 4. Check the heater and defroster for proper operation.
  • 5. Have the battery, alternator, and starter checked for condition and operation.
  • 6. Make sure the exhaust system is tight and free of any leaks.
  • 7. Keep your fuel tank filled to prevent moisture build-up.
  • 8. Check the engine oil for proper level and to see if it is in need of a change.
  • 9. Check to see that your engine starts easily and runs smoothly.
  • 10. Make sure you carry your mobile phone if you have one.
  • 11. Keep a scraper or de-icier close at hand for those icy mornings.
  • 12. Make sure you can see out of all windows before starting off.
  • 13. Make sure you have a blanket to keep warm and a pair of boots in the car in case you need to walk anywhere if you break down.
  • 14. Keep a flashlight in the car.
  • 15. Check your oil and water regularly.
  • 16. Carry a first-aid kit for emergencies.
  • 17. Plan your route.
  • 18. Check the weather reports before you set out.