Why Havoline

Protect your engine

From the wide open backroads of America to the tight and twisty Formula One circuits around the world, Havoline products have protected engines for more than 100 years.

Havoline motor oils are a direct beneficiary of our leading edge technologies. Chevron invented modern hydrocracking called ISOCRACKING, the widely-adopted base oil refining process that improves oil viscosity and removes impurities. We also invented ISODEWAXING, a process that reshapes the wax molecules into high-quality base oil molecules, transforming a negative into a positive. You don’t have to be a chemist to appreciate how clever that is.

The result is quality motor oil that coats vital engine parts with a protective shield to help protect engine performance and the investment in your vehicle, as well as maximizing fuel economy to help protect the environment.

As engines become more technologically advanced and complex, it’s more important than ever to use a motor oil that’s equally advanced. So protect what matters and give your engine what it needs – Havoline with Deposit Shield.