Change Your Oil To Havoline® And Protect Your Car's Performance

Up close, even highly polished metallic surfaces are rough and irregular.

Under a powerful microscope, the surface of a bearing looks like mountains as seen from an airplane at 40,000 feet. When rough metal engine parts pass over each other under extreme pressure and heat, metal can be abraded away creating floating metal fragments, which cause more wear.

Wear Protection In Extreme Driving Conditions

Extreme driving conditions create high heat and heavy loads. Examining cam and lifter wear, Havoline out performed the standard by 25%. If your vehicle is your business, this is critical information.

Resistance To Sludge Formation

Sludge is every bit as bad as it sounds. If it builds up, it can prevent the smooth flow of oil and can even lead to engine failure. Havoline was 85% better at reducing sludge on the oil screen than the standard requires.

Molybdenum Oxysulfide (Moly) is one of the many active ingredients in Havoline motor oil. Its individual particles look like small plates stacked one on top of the other. They are attracted to metal engine parts, filling microscopic pores and smoothing out surfaces, creating a uniform buffer like a coat of armor, protecting and lubricating your engine parts.

The thermochemical reaction of Moly reduces heat and friction, keeping rings free from carbon build up, preventing blow-by, decreasing emissions and extending oil life. In fact, Havoline with Deposit Shield has 25 percent better wear protection in extreme driving conditions than industry standards and 85 percent better sludge resistance. It all adds up to a motor oil that helps protect engine performance.