Protect Your Investment

One of the biggest investments you will ever make is in a new car, so naturally it only makes sense to do everything can to protect that investment.

Corrosion Protection

Time and exposure to acidic exhaust gases corrodes metal. That is a fact. It is also a fact that in qualifying tests Havoline offered 30% more protection from corrosion than the API standard* requires.

Wear Protection

Without effective lubrication, engine parts can rub against each other causing wear. The Cam Wear Test measures camshaft lobe wear at seven locations around each of the twelve lobes. Havoline test results show we exceeded the requirement by 10% providing excellent wear protection.

Havoline motor oil with Deposit Shield is specially formulated to bond with your engine‚Äôs vital parts, shielding them from metal to metal contact, corrosive agents and extreme temperatures to help protect your investment. This layer of protection is only two microns thick, but it effectively shields your engine from wear that could shorten its lifespan. This is the power of the Deposit Shield® formulation at work.

With 30 percent better corrosion protection and 10 percent better wear protection than industry standards, Havoline with Deposit Shield is proven to protect one of the biggest investments you will ever make.