Virtually all automobile and light-duty truck cooling systems can benefit from the cooling system protection of Havoline Xtended Life.

With patented carboxylate inhibitors, Havoline Xtended Life provides:

  • Outstanding high temperature protection of cooling system metals including aluminum
  • Organic additive formulation that is free of silicate, nitrite, borate, phosphate, nitrate and amines, allowing longer service life of 150,000 miles/ 5 years

Havoline Xtended Life antifreeze/coolant meets the GM Dex-Cool®* requirements and is recommended for European gasoline and diesel automobiles, Japanese and Korean gasoline automobiles and SUV’s as well as Ford and Chrysler vehicles.
We also offer Havoline Xtended Life Prediluted 50/50 for those who wish to have coolant already mixed with deionized water.

  • * DEX-COOL is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation.

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Havoline® Xtended Life Anti-Freeze/Coolant