This is a unique and versatile product. It’s synthetic, so you get ultimate durability.

It meets the requirements of BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes and JASO 1A M315; and it is recommended for use in Honda, Toyota, Audi and a variety of other vehicles.

Customer Benefits

  • Promotes outstanding operability and long equipment life
  • Maintains friction control for smooth, consistent shifting
  • Operates well over a wide temperature range
  • Promotes sufficient viscosity at high temperatures
  • Protects gears, bearings, clutch plates, seals, bushings and other components from wear and degradation
  • * Product meets requirements of BMW Part #83 22 0 397 114, Chrysler Part #68043742AA and Mercedes MB 236.41.
  • * DEXRON® is a registered trademark of General Motors Corporation.

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Product Data Sheet / MSDS

Havoline® Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle Dexron®-VI