Fuel Injector Replacement


  • Techron® Concentrate Plus can return fuel system components to nearly original condition in just one treatment
  • Restores lost fuel economy
  • Helps restore lost power and performance
  • Helps reduce harmful exhaust emissions
  • Restore and protect operation of the fuel gauge sensor
  • Techron® Technology is trusted and recommended by leading domestic, European and Asian automakers
Chevron with Techron fule injector cleaner

TECHRON Concentrate Plus

is unbeatable at removing deposits from your engine's vital parts.

The difference between a powerful, fuel-efficient engine and a sluggish, inefficient one can lie in something as simple as the spray of a fuel injector. To help ensure your car will always perform at its peak, many Havoline xpress lube locations use quality products like Techron Concentrate Plus to keep your car's fuel system clean.

Today's finely tuned engines rely on exact air to fuel ratio mixtures for optimum performance, and dirty injectors inhibit that ability to provide the right amount of fuel. If left untreated, over time dirt and contaminants from fuel system deposits inhibit accurate fuel flow and can lead to poor engine performance and costly repairs.