Full Service Oil Change


  • Helps protect engine performance and the investment in your vehicle, as well as maximizing fuel economy to help protect the environment.
  • Fresh oil cools, seals, lubricates and cleans your engine properly
  • Regular filter changes keep contaminants out
havoline deposit shield

Havoline® with Deposit Shield®

All Havoline® xpress lube® Centers use new Havoline® with Deposit Shield® - the ultimate in engine deposit protection.

Havoline Air and Oil Filters

Havoline® Air and Oil Filters

High quality Havoline® oil filters help keep your engine contaminant free.

When it comes to protecting your engine, the most popular words of wisdom are "change the oil regularly;" and it's popular for good reason. Your car's pistons move up and down thousands of times per minute generating enormous amounts of heat, but Havoline motor oil helps keep those precious metal components cool. In addition, oil filters help remove contaminants from your oil, keeping the engine free of damaging particles.

If the oil is not changed within recommended intervals, over time the heat generated breaks down the motor oil's ability to cool and lubricate the engine and can eventually cause serious and costly damage to bearings, seals and rings.