Exclusive Do-It-For-Me training modules for our existing Havoline business-to-business customers, intended to increase your employees’ knowledge, and improve your customers’ overall experience - helping grow their loyalty to your business!



“Overall useful knowledge; The tests were easy to understand and the videos were helpful and to the point. Overall no complaints, the videos seemed up to date with all the current technology that has come out thus far.” 
Pat Nove, Lexus of Bellevue

Very informative, straight to the point and the videos are not too long.”
- Christsna Saong, Lexus of Bellevue



PitPack can help you manage SKU complexity, save money vs quarts, free up cash tied up in drum inventory, improve operational efficiency and shop organization, and reduce product and packaging waste. Learn more below.

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Being part of the Havoline family gives you the ability to not only carry our lubricants but provide top notch service to drivers who look for the very best. Authorized Havoline installers will be trained by us to deliver expert mechanical care for your customers driving your business to succeed.

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Wear the Havoline badge with pride.

Become an installer and give your career a lift. Being an authorized installer with us gives you the added training that customers look for when they ask for us by name. The Havoline family welcomes you with open arms and looks forward to getting you up and running.

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